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Welcome to our crib! We're glad you came by.  We're home-base for skilled, easy-to-work-with voice actors in North & South Carolina.  We stand for killer audio and...acting so great, we make the neighbors jealous! We're not a talent agent and there's no fee to use this site to hire a voiceover talent. 


Each of our featured actors operates independently and set their own rates. However, we believe there's strength in numbers - something you can experience in both our marketing and our epic block-parties! The House of 1000 Voices is an easy doorway to the voice you need. Think of us as the Carolina Voiceover Co-op. Then book any of us directly. 


'The House' is the studio of Three Moon Media in Charlotte, NC;  owned by veteran voice actor & coach Gabrielle Nistico. Gabby's met a lot of talented people in her southern home. The Beatles got by with a little help from their friends... sooo, here we are, a co-ed fraternity of sorts. 


House of a 1000 voices was created when Gabby's WIFI network was renamed with a nod to Rob Zombie's cult-hit horror movie. We wanted a name that would make known, all the talented, creative, voiceover stuff that goes on around here.  It's time to introduce you to some folks. Ready to see whose in the house?  Scroll-on. 

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Happy Holidays! While we're looking forward to time with family and friends, our "house" is always open to you.  Contact us for any last minute holiday auditions. 
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Call The House: 704-750-5310 | Source Connect ID: ThreeMoonMedia

To book one of the voiceover residents of The House of 1000 Voices, click their picture or name on this site. Or search their name on Google or social media and book them directly! 

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